SAI (SYSTEM AUTOMATION INITIATIVE) APPLICATION                                                                                                              

This office works under the aegis of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs and provides emigration clearance to ECR (Emigration Clearance Required) category (where passport has an ECR endorsement) candidates going to 17 ECR countries, as per the provisions of the Emigration Act, 1983 - under the general superintendence and control of the Protector General of Emigrants.

Primarily emigration clearance would be required for ECR category candidates who are going to any of these 17 ECR countries for employment.

In effect emigration clearance would be required from Protector of Emigrants for a candidate whose passport has an ECR endorsement and they are going to one of the 17 ECR countries and the purpose is employment. Females below 30 years of age can not get emigration clearance from POE.

A person could take up employment in a foreign country either through a registered recruiting agent or directly through a foreign employer or a project exporter. The emigration clearance application has to be necessarily made online.

OWRC Helpline - 1800 11 3090 (Toll free number in India from BSNL/MTNL)


Important Notifications:


1. MOIA Notification - dated Sept 26, 2007 - ECNR not required on ECR passports from Oct 01 2007 where purpose of travel is not employment


2. MOIA Notification - dated Oct 30, 2006 - bringing matriculate in ECNR category


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